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Customer Comments


Some of the Unsolicited Comments and Appreciations from our Customers


“I want to tell you that you provide, by far, the best service of any other botanicals shop I have patronized (heck, make that ANY online vendor). Orders are filled promptly and the deliveries always arrive much quicker than I expect. Your personal communication is always a great bonus! Keep up the great work!” – J.P., Sacramento, California, USA

“You guys are great!!!! Order comes almost as fast as you order it….” – K.D., Boynton Beach, Florida,USA

“I have always been satisfied with Pure Land’s product since the first time I did business back in 1999.” – R.T., North Bend, Oregon, USA

“It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you, your service and product have been above excellent.” – J.L., Moore Haven, Florida

“I have always been satisfied with Pure Land’s product since the first time I did business back in 1999.” – R.T., North Bend, Oregon, USA

“Thanks for your great service. I have my own business so I recognize a well run company.” – R.G., Johns Island, South Carolina

“Thank you guys for NOW becoming my one and only vendor. I have found your quality is by far the BEST, your staff has ensured fast delivery with the best quality out there. Thanks you guys so much!” – L.T., Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

“Thank you so much for being hands down the best online business I have ever ordered from. Your products, fast delivery and professionalism is appreciated very much. You’re the best!” – G.R., Amherst Massachusetts, USA

“You guys are awesome. Not only do you have great products, but your shipping speed is astounding. Just wanted to let you know you run a great business, and you have a loyal customer in me. Thanks for everything.” – M.K., Evanston, Illinois, USA

“I love doing business with this company!! Shipping is so fast that it seems like I turn off my computer after ordering online and then SHAZAM, the products are in my mailbox!! I have not dealt with ANY other company selling ANYTHING that gives better customer service than Pure Land. Five stars all the way!! And thank you.” – Kim L., North Carolina

“Your customer service has been far above that of any other online vendor I have dealt with – and I have dealt with dozens of vendors across multiple industries. I appreciate how prompt you have been with my orders.” – P.C., Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Great products and great service! Thank you!” – W.J., Evans, Georgia, USA

“Got the order and just wanted to let u know how appreciative I am after having ordered with you three times. Product is always timely and of the highest quality possible. A few weeks ago I tried ordering elsewhere and it just didnt get the results I am needing. I will never look elsewhere again. Thanks so much for your efforts, they are appreciated. – D.B., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

“This is the fifth or sixth order I have placed with your company. Thank you for your remarkable service! My orders are filled, shipped and received with remarkable speed and your products have always exceeded my expectations. It is good to have found a company I can rely on.” – D.G., Miami, Florida, USA

“I have been very impressed with your service so far and your company is the only one I trust to get my order to me in one day.” – C.M., Rochester, New York, USA

“I have been receiving such bad service from everyone lately that it has made me overly suspicious and pessimistic of everyone else. I have been told you have outstanding products and service and your response to me helps prove that point.” – M.C., Helena, Montana, USA

“Wow, you guys are great. At first I was skeptical about buying from an online store, but you have assuaged all of my initial apprehensions. I only wish my phone company were this cooperative! Thanks again!” – J.H., Clemson, South Carolina, USA

“I want to thank you for your excellent customer service as well as your fine specimen-grade products. They have aided me to no end in my research. Keep up the good work!” – D.R., Newark, California, USA

“Ethnobotanicals.com will always have my business now and if I ever have any friends looking for sites to buy seeds from just know that i will be referring them to your website.” – E.A., Pleasant Grove, Utah, USA

“Thank you for shipping so fast! i see my order was placed at 4:38 pm and you are still shipping it today! Wow!
That is rare for any company of any goods! I am excited, thanks so much!” – K.P., Oneonta, New York, USA

“Thank you. I will be using your site as THE source for my future seed purposes” – T.H., Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

“You guys are like clockwork! Right on time and much appreciated!” – K.T., Austin, Texas, USA

“You have never disappointed me with your outstanding service and quality. :)” – S.F., Maple Heights, Ohio, USA

“Thank you for the excellent service. I’m impressed with your timeliness and the way it was packaged. And the atypical different botanicals varieties was what I would call extraordinary. I will definitely do business with you in the future and send some business your way.” – R.J. Sartell, Minnesota, USA

“I wanted to thank you for such quick delivery of my order. It’s very hard to tell who is legit on-line.” – D.M., Wadena, Minnesota, USA

“You guys are great; great service and great products” – D.L., Hanover, Massachusetts

“I placed a lot of orders and they always arrive like clockwork. Thank you for your excellent service. – E.T., Lewes, Delaware

“Thanks for the quick delivery and high grade products. Very professional.” – E.L., West Hartford, Connecticut, USA

“Just wanted to offer my thanks for the consistent, quality product, and the consistent, quality service. Add on a fair price…what more is there to say?” – D.W., Kingwood, West Virginia, USA

“Thank you for the excellent speed of delivery and quality of the products. I will definitely use your company again. Thank you!” – A.P., Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

“Very impressed with the quality. Best yet” – R.J., Lancaster, Texas, USA

“I LOVE your website. I bought seeds from you last year, and just planted them this spring and am having GREAT luck!” – S.E., Parkville, Maryland, USA

“Keep up the good work, and thanks for such a professional and informative web-site!” – B.F., Los Angeles, California, USA

“I’ve been more than satisfied with everything so far. I can’t thank you enough just for responding to my emails. I’m more than satisfied with everything I’ve gotten so far, and it always arrives sooner than I expect, so I have full faith in ethnobotanicals.com” – S.O., Chalmette, Louisiana, USA

“Thank you, customer service is amazing.” – K.L., New York, New York, USA

“I was worried at first because a lot of sites that sell ethnobotanicals are fake or scams, but after reading some positive reviews, I was reassured about you.” – C.B., Huntsville, Alabama, USA

“Your product is great! I have purchased from you tincture, 10x and leaves in the past” – R.P., Mulberry, Florida, USA

“Excellent service, easy to use site, prompt shipping of fine products. I highly recommend this site!” – P.S., Portland, Oregon, USA

“I will recommend your site to others for your great service.” – D.O., San Francisco, California, USA

“I would first off to thank you for your beautiful selection of seeds, and to mention how excited I was when my order arrived. It was wonderful ordering from you!” – J.D., Irvine, California, USA

“I have been very pleased with the merchandise and service your business provides. You definately have a new regular customer.” – H.T., Sacramento, California, USA

“I really appreciate how your company does business, your site is by far one of the most easy botanical sites to navigate.” – D.V., Kiel, Wisconsin, USA

Thank you so much! You guys are literally, hands down, the best site on the internet!” – T.E., Schenectady, New York, USA

Thanks for your always superior work. Appreciate the quality received from your fine company. Carry on as always!” – A.C., Clifton, Virginia, USA

“Thank you, delivery was very fast! I will be ordering again” – N.D., Albany, New York, USA

“Thank you for your prompt service on my recent order. I look forward to great business with you in the future. THANKS AGAIN AND BEST REGARDS TO YOU AND YOURS!” – C.P., Salisbury, North Carolina, USA

“Good things said about you at E********y.org forum!” – T.M., Rapid City, Michigan, USA

“I am definitely gonna buy more from you. I love how you answer your emails personally. I’ve ordered from sites and a machine writes back and never answers my questions.” – C.R., Middleburg, Florida, USA

“You have a great selection and I’ll be shopping with you all again!” – A.A., Franklin, Kentucky, USA

“Many thanks. You’re performing an important service for us all” – G.D., Hartsburg, Missouri, USA

“I ordered your seeds earlier this year, and just wanted to tell you that the plants and flowers are absolutely serenely beautiful. The quality of your seed is excellent. Thank you! Will you be having more varieties in future?” – L.H., Chicago, Illinois, USA

“Thanks for offering these hard to find specimens!” – W.D., Walford, Maryland, USA

“Thank you for providing this service!” – S.S., Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

“Very convenient ordering … great website!!” – J.M., Cato, New York, USA

“I’m very glad to be ordering with your company again. The services that you provide are outstanding” – G.R., San Jose, California, USA

“I am a researcher in the field of medicinal plants. I am very grateful to find these seeds available.” – M.F., Grand Rapids, Ohio, USA

“Great site” – D.T., Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

“Thanks again for the excellent service!” – J.W., La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

“I have ordered a number of times from your company. The quality is always the best out there. Keep up the good work!” – J.M., Eugene, Oregon, USA

“Thank you … a wonderful website!!” – B.F., Coral Springs, Florida, USA

“Thanks for offering these beautiful flowers!” – P.P., Bethlehem, Georgia, USA

“Thanks for such an easy payment process” – B.T., Newport, North Carolina, USA

“Thank you for the good cause” – J.B., Moscow, Idaho, USA

“Fast ship, product packed nicely. Arrived in great condition – would shop here again” – J.G., Henderson, Nevada, USA

“The seeds I order have always been very fresh!” – A.R., Cleveland, Ohio, USA

“Thanks for all the assistance last go-round” – J.M., New York, New York, USA

“Excellent product and service with very careful packaging. This is the third time we’ve purchased from Pure Land and have every time been favorably impressed.” – A.B., Eldridge, Iowa, USA

“Thank you very much, glad to do business again” – M.R., Reston, Virginia, USA

“Thank you – you do very good work” – T.R., Boone, North Carolina, USA

“Very professional transaction, will use again” – R.C., Laytonville, California, USA


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TOLL FREE 1-888-ETHNO-42 (for leaving order details only, questions please email!)
Most items ship same day if ordered by 11 AM Central!
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