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Customer Comments:

"I want to tell you that you provide, by far, the best service of any other botanicals shop I have patronized (heck, make that ANY online vendor). Orders are filled promptly and the deliveries always arrive much quicker than I expect. Your personal communication is always a great bonus! Keep up the great work!" - J.P., Sacramento, California, USA

"Excellent service, easy to use site, prompt shipping of fine products. I highly recommend this site!" - P.S., Portland, Oregon, USA

"Product was excellent and service immediate" - D.S., Einseideln, SWITZERLAND

"Thank you, delivery was very fast. I will be ordering again! - N.D., Albany, New York

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About Pure Land Ethnobotanicals

Our Company

Join 18 YEARS' worth of satisfied customers who have already bought from Ethnobotanicals.com/Pure Land Ethnobotanicals! We are the world's ethnobotanical supplier for scientific research, integrating an extensive seed bank of rarities with the world's premier online selection of rare herbs and uncommon extracts. Ethnobotanicals.com has provided the quality and selection you require since 1998. We have a long history of bringing exciting new ethnobotanicals to you. We offer you fast and reliable service, and great pricing! We are committed to providing the highest quality materials available in the world. As a result of this, Ethnobotanicals.com has become the preferred choice for researchers in both the professional and private sectors, who are looking for the variety, super high quality standards, outstanding service, and strict ethical standards for which we've become known. Ethnobotanicals.com has supplied materials used in university scientific studies in many different important areas, and is a worldwide supplier of hard-to-find botanical materials. Unlike some other vendors, Ethnobotanicals.com has never ever offered these scientifically valuable plants with the intent that they ever be consumed by a human being. We are exclusively a supplier for scientific research and botanical
collection only.

Our Products

We at Ethnobotanicals.com are committed to being a 100% reliable and consistent supplier of the most superior quality and selection of botanicals for research, bringing our research clients items from around the world in three major categories:

Seeds - In fact, very rare seeds you don't see everyday, one of our major seed client categories that buy from us being Herbarium and Botanical Gardens throughout the USA, who carefully grow from our viable seed stock extraordinary display specimens of botanicals for the continual enjoyment and academic edification of those who visit their herbariums.

Herbs and Dried Materials - These botanicals are a treasure trove for science to delve into!

Herb Extracts - We offer herbal extracts for research which are of another level of quality to any previously available.

Our Purpose

Our view of our products ("ethnobotanicals") is that they are simply flora which have at some point been interacted with and found useful in some way by humans, or society. Pure Land is not and never has been in the business of medical herbalism, nor herbal drugs, nor medicine. Our business is intended solely as a worldwide botanical supply house and seed bank for items relevant to the sciences of ethnobotany, botany, and biochemistry. Ethnobotanicals.com does not offer products for consumption by human beings, and this has been our policy since the beginning. We do not sell any herbal medicines, nutritional items, nor supplements. Instead, we are solely in the business of supplying herbs and extracts of herbs to serious clients including major US universities for studies that their various science departments are interested in undertaking. Please note that we only sell our botanical products for the purpose of legitimate research into plant properties and not for human consumption nor for any therapeutic or herbal medicine purpose whatsoever. In fact, if a customer were to request botanicals for the purpose of consumption by an individual, we would refuse to sell to them, now and forever. We do not sell any items available on this web site with the intent that they be consumed by any human individual and we do require that all customers share this intent with us! If a customer is looking for herbal medicine, we are not the seller for that; there are plenty of other sellers on the internet fitting that description. Our clients are engaged in research on rare botanicals and know the value of this research to the world as a whole. While it is true that we are thereby turning down sales from potential buyers who would be interested in buying for personal medicinal purposes, our niche market is being the trusted supplier for the past two decades of botanicals for research purposes. Our botanicals have been used in countless scientific studies that have amounted to invaluable research conducted at many world-reknowned research facilities. We do not venture into the medicinal or supplement markets, just as the medicinal and supplement markets do not venture into our market of supplying verified botanicals to the research community of major US universities, etc. This is our unique niche and we remain unique after over 18 YEARS in our status as the trusted botanical supplier to the research community.

Our Botanical Quality Standards

We take great pains to ensure that every item we offer is of the highest quality available for that particular species. This is what we are known for around the world. To assure the highest possible purity and quality for the best possible scientific research results, we choose to offer only untreated, unadulterated botanicals and seeds as they would be found in nature, and only the very highest quality available for each and every plant species. We do not offer items treated whether with sulphur, poisons, or any other treatments. These additives can skew results in your research studies, so order here for clean, clear, true results in your studies.

Our Viable Ethnobotanical Seed Quality Standards

We are constantly restocking fresh seasons' crops of all of our seeds in our seed bank so you can be assured of getting the most viable, energetic seeds possible. We do this even though we lose money on discarding seed that did not sell before we feel it needs replacing.

Our Customers

For unsolicited praise and comments from some of our many customers please see Customer Comments. Notably, our customer base is a wonderful group of people, and even though we have the most stringent fraud detection in place, we rarely EVER have had fraud attempts, unlike other companies, which admittedly experience high rates of fraud attempts. This speaks to the QUALITY of our customers. Thanks to everyone for 17 great years and counting! This is a tiny business serving a very limited interest niche but it's a labor of love and it is you that makes it worthwhile.

Our Wholesale Supply

We can offer excellent pricing on bulk quantities of most of the items on our web site. Wholesale quantities for some items are listed on our web site. Please do not email asking for a "wholesale price list" for all our products. If you require any item(s) in greater quantity, please simply email us for a wholesale price quote for that item or items.





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